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London's Pretty Cool

Feb 24, 2023

The original 514-seat Hyland cinema opened as the Elmwood in the Depression-laden 1930s. The south London showplace offered double features made up of second-run movies. Later, it became a first-run art house specializing in British films such as Henry V, starring Laurence Olivier.⁠ 

The new 414-seat single screen Hyland Cinema is independently owned and operated. It is newly renovated with an excellent projection and sound system as well as a new screen. The cinema will premiere the most up-to-date releases from the Toronto, Cannes, and Sundance Film Festivals.⁠ 

In this episode we spoke to Mike Klassen: Assistant Manager, all about the history of the Hyland, how he became involved with the Hyland, why they focus on playing 'artsy films' over main blockbusters, why it's important for London to have a movie theatre like the Hyland, the events they put on, i.e., retromania, double features, children's movies and their upcoming event of Cinema Speculation. 

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