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London's Pretty Cool

Sep 24, 2021

Episode 44) Richie Bloomfield, Co-founder of Sidetrack: A Wortley Cafe

“In a world of relentless pursuit, sidetracks are more important than ever. Let your mind stray off the beaten path and return with fresh ideas and new imaginings.

After all, detours write the best stories.

There has always been a café here, in...

Sep 15, 2021

Welcome back to London’s Pretty Cool Podcast.

Today we are speaking with Karen Oldman and Julie Ryan from Neighbourhood Decision Making. Neighbourhood Decision Making is a program in which Londoners are able to come up with ideas to improve their local communities. You are able to submit your ideas and get your...

Sep 3, 2021

Sarah Smith is a musician from London that has always been praised for her songwriting and vulnerability in her lyrics. Sarah has been heavily involved in the London music scene for most of her career, winning multiple Jack Richardson/Forest City London Music Awards and performing at almost every venue the city has.